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Why The Name?

How Does It Work?

How does FreakWare work?

Why did we name FreakWare, FreakWare?

We are a company created for Germaphobes.  Therefore, we knew we had to create a fitting name. Our original FreakWare product is designed for clients who feel like a "Freak" when keeping germs away from their silverWare.  FreakWare is made so Germaphobes do not feel like freaks, and can now dine out while having 

Peace In Public™.

Watch this short video to see how easily germs spread restaurant tables.

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 4.45.54 PM.png

Restaurants have been known to have dirty tables. Staff clean tables with the same dirty wet towel on every table. In the past few years, multiple restaurants have had employee's caught in the act of using a floor mop to clean your tables!!!

Can you imagine the amount of GERMS & BACTERIA on the table where you are eating?  


FreakWare works by elevating your silverware from touching the table. Therefore, both germs and bacteria are unable to transfer from the table to your silverware. This can greatly reduce exposure to harmful germs or bacteria from entering your body and causing illness. FreakWare adds more safety while eating out. All FreakWare products are BPA Free and dishwasher safe to give you the cleanest and safest use.


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